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Customer Notice: Proper Disposal of Grease Products

Written by burnedfaceless on September 18, 2018

The build-up of grease in the plumbing system creates sewer back-ups and overflows that can damage your home and the environment. Grease washed down the kitchen sink sticks to the insides of sewer pipes both on your property and in the streets. Over time, the build-up can block the entire pipe resulting in sewer back-ups […]

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Consumer Confidence Report – 2017

Written by burnedfaceless on June 24, 2018

Consumer Confidence Reports You can view your consumer confidence report by selecting a link below. Coastal Water Company 2017 CCR Consolidated Utilities 2017 CCR Cottonvale CCR 2017 Cypress Lakes 2017 CCR Golden Isles CCR 2017 Hayden Lakes 2017 CCR Little Neck Plantation 2017 CCR MillCreek/Ridgecrest CCR 2017 Sandy Woods 2017 CCR South Pointe, Southern Hills, […]

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