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Our business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Non-emergency services can only be performed during business hours.

If you need to connect/disconnect your current service, you must call us at least one day in advance of needing your services connected/disconnected as we do not do same day service.

If you are a new customer you will need to come to the office to establish your service at least one day prior to needing the service as we do not do same day service. You will need to bring: $100.00 deposit (money order); picture ID; and either your lease or your closing statement.

Inspection Fees: If you are selling your home and need the water on for a short period of time for an inspection we can turn the water on for four (4) business days for a fee of $50.00. This fee must be paid in the office at least one day prior to needing the water on.

Meter Re-Read/Service Call: We provide the first meter re-read at no charge. However, if we are requested to come read the meter more than once, then the charge is $25.00 per service call.

Past due balances must be paid by 4:30 p.m. on the 15th for Consolidated Utilities customers and by the 10th for Coastal, Golden Isles, Whitemarsh, and Woodlawn Water customers in order to avoid disconnection. If not paid by this time and the disconnect list is dispatched, you will be charged a service fee, whether or not the water is shut off before payment.

If your water has been disconnected for non-payment you will have to pay the entire past due balance, along with a $40.00 service fee, online or in money order ONLY, to get your services restored. To get the service restored the same day, you must pay PRIOR to 2:00 p.m in person or online. Our after-hours emergency service WILL NOT respond to restore your services in the event of a non-payment disconnect.

If your water has been disconnected for non-payment and you cut the lock to restore your own services, additional fees will be charged and your water service will not be restored until the past due balance, service fee, and all additional fees are paid. After the first cut lock, a barrel lock will be placed on the meter as well as a cage. If these are tampered with, then the meter will be pulled. The fees for the above are as follows:

If you pay your account and we discover any damages to our meter or that the padlock has been cut when we go to restore your service, your service will not be restored until the additional fees are paid.

**Please note that it is a violation of Georgia Criminal Law to tamper with our water meter in any way**

The fee for a returned check is $36.00. However, if you wrote a check in order to avoid being disconnected and your check is returned for any reason, your water will be disconnected without notice and you will be charged the appropriate fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have any Frequently Asked Questions listed yet. Please check back soon as we are sure to update this.