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Customer Notice: Proper Disposal of Grease Products

Written by burnedfaceless on March 27, 2019

Improper disposal of grease can damage the insides of sewage pipes on your property and the streets. Over time it can cause sewage to flood into your home. Please read our notice on proper grease disposal. Read the Notice

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Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) 2018

Written by burnedfaceless on February 22, 2019

You can read your Consumer Confidence reports for 2018, by clicking the link below. Read CCR Reports

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Customer Warning:

Written by burnedfaceless on September 20, 2018

Doxo is not authorized to accept payments for Consolidated. If you pay Doxo you will still owe that sum to Consolidated.

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Written by burnedfaceless on June 24, 2018

This website will be used to keep customers informed in the event of a hurricane or other disaster that would affect their service.

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