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Meter Box Maintenance

Your water meter box is usually a black rectangular box in the ground and made out of plastic. The lid can either be plastic or cast iron. A few meter boxes, on some of our systems, are oval shaped with either a cast iron or plastic top. In residential areas, the meter box is usually located between the sidewalk and the house. Some customers may have their meter box located in their backyard. The water meter box serves two functions: It allows you and the utility to easily access the water meter and the shut-off valve, and it serves to protect the water meter.  If you ever need to cut your water off for plumbing or internal leak purposes, it is important to maintain easy access and visibility of your meter box as well as knowledge of its location. Here in coastal Georgia, hurricanes are a part of life. If you evacuate due to hurricane warning, please cut water off at the meter box. If you can’t find your meter box, or the lid and/or box is broken, please call the office and they can send one of our service techs to assist. 912-233-3254



– Keep items off of the meter box such as trash canisters, potted plants, vehicles and debris.

– Trim the grass around the meter box.

– Keep shrubbery and other landscaping from obstructing a clear and easy access to the meter box. The meter readers are unable to read your meter if any tree limbs are placed on the meter.



-Utility will dig up yard to locate meter box, without warning or permission as it is a Utility Right of Way.

-Any vehicles parked over meter boxes, along with refusal to move by customer, will be towed at owners expense.

-All damages caused by utility during location of meter box, are responsibility of the customer if meter box is not properly maintained.

-Access to the meter box must be granted to the utility by law if water meter box is located in the customer’s backyard



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